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octobermovie's Journal

October Halloween Horror Movie Challenge!
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The rules are simple:

Watch any feature length horror movie (that you have not previously seen) in October (1st-31st) and post your results here; with each entry including the day watched, the movie's title, and listed in numerical order. This is the basic format, please see the example below. Feel free to add your own comments about each movie watched, the year it was released, who starred in the film, and other miscellaneous information, if you so desire.

The qualifications are fairly flexible, with the only requirement being that the film is a horror movie in some aspect, whether it be a straight up Horror Movie (like Halloween), a Horror/Comedy (like Shaun of the Dead) or a Sci/Fi Horror movie (like Alien). There is definitely some flexibility here; common sense should be used. Movies like Transformers (you know who you guys are) and Billy Madison/The Fox and the Hound ... DO NOT COUNT!


October 1st
1. Halloween [- (year) - comments, etc, if you want!]

October 2nd
2. Shaun of the Dead [- (year) - comments, etc]
3. Alien [- (year) - comments, etc]

That pretty much sums it up. Most of you should be familiar with these challenges by now, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. As of now, this challenge is purely for fun, but other (future) challenges may include prizes!

Again, the challenge will start on October 1st (@ 12:00am), and will run until the 31st. Any movie started before 12:00 am on the 31st, but ends thereafter, will count!

(and you wanna go turbo, there HAVE been accounts of 100 movies in October as well!)

Have fun!!!

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